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Court Evaluations
Attorneys frequently refer to my practice for court evaluations.  These primarily occur after an arrest for an alcohol related offense (DUI, DWI, Underaged Drinking and Driving); simple drug possession or drug possession with intent to distribute; assault, or other misdemeanors.

My job is to conduct an evaluation for  you and your attorney and produce a summary letter that he/she can use in court.  I also make recommendations for either education or on-going treatment.  Judges find this helpful so that they can better determine the outcome of your case.  It is rare that a judge will do anything more than what was recommended in my evaluation, however, he or she want to be sure that you have followed through with my recommendations and the treatment modality is successfully meeting your particular needs.  

Attorney Feedback

~"For 27 years, we've referred clients to Tom. He is simply the best at what he does. Our clients come back to us saying that working with Tom is a life-changing experience. And his work has enormous credibility with the court. This is why Tom Ruggieri is the go-to therapist in our community." ~ Timothy Maloney, Esq., Joseph Greenwald & Laake

~"I have been referring clients to Tom for more than twenty years.  Tom always promptly meets with the client, provides a thorough analysis, as well as thoughtful and meaningful counsel.  This is invaluable in court.  Most of all, he truly cares and helps the client to find a better path." ~ Jeffrey L. Harding, Esq., Sasscer, Clagett & Bucher

~ "I have heard judges in both Montgomery and Prince Georges County comment on the record about their trust in Tom Ruggieri's evaluations.  I recommend that my clients see him because I know I will get a timely and honest assessment, but also because I believe he genuinely cares about them." ~ Thomas A. McManus, Esq., Sasscer, Clagett & Bucher

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