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Client Feedback
~ "When I first started working with Tom six years ago, I was in a pretty dark place. After having seen several different therapists without success, I was skeptical about the whole process. But Tom has helped me more than I could ever have imagined! From day one, he helped me develop strategies to stop my downward spirals. I'm now enjoying the best mental health of my life, and I can't even begin to express how grateful I am to Tom for his pivotal role in this monumental transition."

~"Tom really was a "life changing" experience for me. I really felt like he understood where I was coming from, and I could speak freely about my issues I was having. Initially, I went in for a "crisis" moment, but it evolved into getting deeper into my rooted issues of anxiety. I really feel like I can cope a lot better with being treated by Tom. I was scared to attend therapy for so many years, and Tom really made me feel comfortable with myself, and has altered my view in a positive outlook towards life. I know that may sound a little cliché, but I really feel that way. Thank you for an experience that I looked forward to attending each week. It really made a difference."

~"We were advised to seek at least 6 months of counseling before getting married. My husband thought it would be a little more appropriate to have a male counselor/therapist so he could feel more at ease in sessions. Tom was the perfect fit for the both of us. The time spent in sessions was never dull; we were able to talk about any topic (even colorful ones) that we had issues with. Our counseling journey started with digging deep into our past/relationships and then similarities/differences to our parents. The exercises that Tom did were very informative and thought provoking: because you never know how intense the response might be. Tom would ask us questions about the emotions that were tied to specific situations . Tom never made us feel abnormal and helped us with logical expectations of where the road to marriage could take us. He also gave us readings about anger management and how to argue (a great read). The sessions helped us open up to one another and become better listeners to our partner. Our overall experience was excellent for what it was worth we would sign up for a lifetime of sessions with him. We even find ourselves saying “Is that what we learned with Tom”? The benefits of seeing Tom for us were Priceless."

~"I can't describe how helpful it has been to talk with Tom. I've always been a perfectionist. A few months ago, difficulties at work left me angry, frustrated and totally sapped of energy and confidence. Immediately after seeing Tom and reading the book he recommended,"Feeling Good," I knew it was possible to feel better. Two months later, I felt much more emotionally stable, more so than I'd ever felt before. Tom helped me change the way I think, and I no longer beat myself up the way I used to. I have changed as a person, for the better, and I know I am far more prepared to handle what life throws my way."

~"We were reluctant to seek marriage counseling for fear that a counselor might take sides with one of us against the other or push us to make uncomfortable decisions. We have found counseling with Tom to be very helpful, and our fears were never realized. Based on our experience, Tom doesn't take sides, and during our sessions, we've always been able to discuss very difficult issues in a comforting and welcoming space."

~"As someone who has been struggling with extraordinary challenges (a terminally ill husband, a child with special needs, and an extremely demanding professional career, on top of being away from my homeland and extended family!), I needed an extraordinary counselor who could offer help and support.  One of my colleagues had recommened Tom, telling me that he was excellent.  She was right on target!  He has seen me regularly for the past few years offering invaluable moral support, professional advice, personal guidance and effective coping strategies, all of which were essential for my mental, emotional and psychological well being. It is not an overstatement to say that Tom not only helped me survive, but also made me thrive!  Thank you very much, Tom!"

~ "The summer going into my senior year of college I got into trouble with the law and through a series of fortunate events I was sent to Tom Ruggieri. Right away I knew Tom was a great guy but I wasn't very much interested in the services he provided. Not only did he meet with me weekly, he built an incredible relationship with my parents, listening to their worries to come up with game plans to stop my downward spiral. After continuing down the same destructive path and receiving the same negative results, Tom finally brought my family in for a sit down, the day before graduation. I don't know how he did it, but by the end everyone's feelings were out on the table and no one was holding anything back. This was the first time my parents and I had communicated so honestly. It was incredibly painful but on the same token, eye opening and very helpful. The result of that meeting brought about a change that has effected my life in ways I never thought possible."

~ "I have the greatest respect for Tom's ability to cut to the heart of matters and give guidance that works well. I have seen Tom maybe 4 different  times over the course of my employment and have never been disappointed. I have advised others to seek his counsel and they have done so. Tom has a terrific campus-wide reputation and if he were to leave the University it would be a sad day for us all."

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