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"People enter into a therapeutic relationship with a counselor for a variety of reasons. Whether they were just arrested for a DUI; their marriage is in trouble; their teenaged child is struggling; they are unable to manage their own anxiety and depression; or they are grieving a loss in their lives ~ all have come to a point where their own resources can no longer help them through these difficult times.

I approach every individual differently depending on the unique place they are in when they walk through the door. Initially, they have a story to tell and everyone deserves to have THEIR story listened to respectfully. I listen, both for what you are telling me, and for what has not been stated.  I listen to what has happened in your life, but more importantly, how you think and feel about those things.   Often our circumstances are imposed upon us and other times we create them ourselves. I see my role as helping you understand the ramifications of your current situation; help you to explore and develop goals for changing your behavior; and to assist you as you embark on that journey.

I work in a cognitive behavioral format, and also understand how important our relationship is in my providing encouragement to you for change. Having people place trust in me to help them with their lives is quite an honor and I take that trust very seriously."                                                                                                            

Master of Social Work (MSW), University of Maryland, Baltimore. 1984.

~ Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. 1980

~ Mental Health Associate, Montgomery College, Takoma Park, MD. 1977


~Married over 35 years with three grown children. Grew up in the DC area, from a family of    
             nine.  This is where I received the most useful education on negotiating conflict. ​


~1988 - Present: Coordinator, Faculty Staff Assistance Program, University of Maryland.   

~1985 - Present:  Private Practice, College Park, Maryland

~1985-1988: Manager, Sheppard Pratt Employee Assistance Programs

~1985: Consultant to the  Trinidad & Tobago National Council on Alcoholism, West Indies 

~1984: Intern, Department of Health and Human Services EAP, Washington, DC

~1983-1985: Psychiatric Technician, Montgomery General Hospital, Olney, MD

~1983: Intern, Carruthers Community Mental Health Center, Baltimore, MD

~1979-1982: Head Counselor, Karma Academy for Boys, Rockville, MD

~1977-1979: Psychiatric Technician, Chestnut Lodge Hospital, Rockville, MD

~1976: Intern, Springfield State Hospital, Sykesville, MD

~1975: Intern, Great Oaks Residential Treatment Center, Silver Spring, MD

~1975: Volunteer: Passage Crisis Center, Silver Spring, MD


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